Screening for AAA

As AAA are difficult to detect and rarely cause problems until it is ‘too late’, there is a very strong argument for population screening.  The UK government is currently considering introducing AAA screening whereby every man on reaching his 65th birthday will be offered an ultrasound scan.  If the scan is normal (95% of cases) then the person can be reassured and discharged from follow-up.  However, if an AAA is present (5% of cases) then the patient can either be enrolled in a surveillance programme or offered repair depending on the size of the AAA.

So, if you are a man, smoke (or have smoked), have high blood pressure, or if anyone in your family has had an AAA (the condition tends to run in families), then you should probably see a vascular surgeon to have an examination and an ultrasound scan when you reach 65 years of age

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