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Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR)

EVAR is a newer technique where the plastic tube (called a stent-graft) that is used to repair the AAA is introduced into the aneurysm from the arteries in the legs.  Once in position the stent-graft opens up inside the aorta a bit like an umbrella and relines the swollen bit of pipe. In this way the AAA is excluded from the circulation.  The main advantages of EVAR are that is can be performed under epidural anaesthesia with the patient awake and there is no need to make a large cut in the tummy.  This means that EVAR is associated with a lower risk of death and complications (less than half that associated with open repair), there is no need for admission to intensive, the patient can usually be discharged from hospital within a couple of days, and the patient returns to their pre-operative level of well-being in a few weeks rather than months.

The downsides of EVAR are that not all patients requiring AAA repair are suitable with current technology, the cost is high (over 6,000 for an 'off the shelf' stent graft alone), and the protection against rupture may not be quite good as open repair in the long term (i.e. after 5 years).

An EVAR stent graft mounted on a catheter

A deployed EVAR stent graft

Following EVAR patients are enrolled in a surveillance program and will receive regular ultrasound scans and abdominal x-rays to monitor the size of the AAA and the position and integrity of the EVAR device.

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